Omigod someone on Salon advocated ditching the Democrats!

Posted online 23 December 2014.

Bah!  We never liked anyway.  Buncha  Republicans.  Besides, we could never abandon the Democrats.  Kos said so.  We’d lose our foundation money.  And where are we going to go?  Some ridiculous third party?  Rich people would never bankroll that.  The Democratic Party is too big to fail, so we need to bail them out work within the system.  Wait; whose logic is that?

Anyway, the author of this piece (“Let’s abandon the Democrats: Stop blaming Fox News and stop hoping Elizabeth Warren will save us“) suggests that:

Every Democratic alibi — midterm lull, sixth-year curse, red Senate map, vote suppression, gerrymandering, money — rings true, but all of them together can’t explain being swept by the most extreme major party in American history. Citing other statistics — demography, presidential turnout, Hillary’s polls — they assure us that in 2016 happy days will be here again. Don’t bet on it.

So what does this author think we ought to do about it?

The vital task for progressives isn’t reelecting Democrats but rebuilding a strong, independent progressive movement.

We should all write author Bill Curry and ask him if he knows for sure what a Republican he really is.  At once.  Doesn’t he know it’s a two-party system?

So what is this guy really advocating?  Does he have a real strategy?  C’mon — elect Hillary, get it over with.  Here’s what Bill Curry says:

Some say the Democratic Party is beyond saving. Others say it’s our last hope. I see progressives taking leave of Democrats not as abandonment but more like tough love. In the end it may be the only thing that can save Democrats or for that matter progressives, whose reputation has been tarnished by the party that betrayed them. In any event it’s better for both parties for all future business to be conducted on an arms’ length, cash-for-carry basis.My guess is that if you can’t take over the Democratic Party, you can’t take over the country — and that a declaration of independence should be followed by an actual rebellion.

But we can’t put the Democrats on time out because omigod the next election.  Mark my words: the day after the Republicans take over, Armageddon will occur and the fundies will go up in the Rapture.  After all, voting for Dukakis, Clinton, Gore, Kerry and Obama has been working so well!  I suppose the other option is that people will actually get angry and do something, you know, like maybe engaging those “I can’t breathe” protests which have been covered so poorly at over the last couple of weeks.  So never mind; get back to work.  Warren y’know, until she actually loses.


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