Some thoughts from Occupy LA

Published 1 October 2011.

OK.. I arrived at the protest @ City Hall in Los Angeles maybe about 1:30pm Pacific Time today.. in the beginning there was chaos.  The march had already finished and there were a number of “revolutionary” speakers (small audience, bullhorn) at the north end, and there was a chaos of humanity there.  I went to the “blue tent” where the welcome desk was, and discovered that they had run out of copies of the itinerary, so I volunteered to make some copies of the itinerary.  When I got back, someone was asking a crowd if anyone would get some sponges and waving a $10 bill.  So I bicycled to a local market in Little Tokyo and bought three sponges for him.  I then went to the media desk, over to the west side, and someone there needed help — an old man needed a “terabyte backup,” a hard drive in plain English.  So I connected the laptop to the local connection, and found him a hard drive.  Someone else volunteered a car.

I have a number of pictures – they will have to wait until I get home for a download.

I heard an estimate of maybe 2,000 people here — I’d say that’s a bit high.  KNX-FM suggested “hundreds” — that sounds right.  This thing is only beginning.  One of the speakers suggested that tomorrow at noon there was going to be a “brainstorming session” at which a list of demands would be made.

The sectarians are here — Avakian’s “party” is here, as well as ANSWER.  The anarchists (“Black Bloc”) are here.  Hopefully there won’t be a lot of grandstanding.

4:23 a speaker complaining about “no press here.”  Hey, what about me?

4:25 a rapper delivers a short inspirational rap.  There’s a lot of inspirational speaking going on here.  This stuff of course makes people feel good.

4:58 the black bloc has a separate circle of its own — many of them are wearing masks and cautioning participants in the crowd not to take pictures.  A helicopter is flying overhead.  They are not using a megaphone — I cannot hear what the speakers are saying.  The people in the very front can here though.

5:03 the LA Times helicopter is flying over their building — the protesters from the main assembly all go out to greet the helicopter

5:05 Ashley wants to speak:

“We are activating the heart of humanity, one thought at a time.  In order to defeat tyranny, it is pertinent for each of us to activate our full potential, using the wisdom of shamanic priests and ancient tribes.  We must focus only on what we want, instead of what we don’t want.  For what we focus on, comes to us.  The key is in consciousness, and the pineal gland. ”

I think she was with a New Age group — she had a great multicolored outfit.

5:18 A group of protesters appears to have finished an around-the-block march.

5:24 Tait wants to speak:

“We are all ONE and the “enemy” is a reflection of all of our own choices. LOVE each other, share with each other and money goes away, and the people who think they are more powerful have no power if we discontinue to affirm that money actually has value. LOVE has value. Our soul has value, real value. Share, serve, give, help, eat healthy so you are sensitive enough to have compassion. PEACE.”

Tait is here.   Tait has long hair and a beard and a nice smile and has draped himself in a rainbow-colored cloth.

5:37 One of the organizers discusses with some black bloc protesters about the possibility of being arrested. “Bring it before the General Assembly first.”  Across First Street next to Spring Street are two television connections, big antennae above vans parked on the side of the road.  One of them has a camera.

Gloria wants to speak:

“People, we need to remember our cause is a peaceful one…we were turned away from speaking on camera, Channel 5, Henry Alfaro,  because a hand full of people rushed the camera, and decided to talk independently.  As a collective group, goals, ideas and issues must be discussed and dealt with in some sort of organized manner.  We don’t need to make anyone feel as though wel appear hysterical, or hostile.”

Gloria is a special education teacher, out of work for two years — she left LAUSD and got work for Pomona and was laid off after a year.   Gloria has a lot of student loans out and has a series of medical problems which aren’t being addressed because she has no insurance.

Sergeant Clark wants to speak:

“ok I’m tired marine corps sergeant willis budy clark junior . i am a chaplain with the emergency volunteer air corps i am here at the Occupy Wall Street event to turn a hot light on wall street banks savings and loans politicians and other criminals who are committing crimes against our universe . I have a hot 100 list of the meaeist cruelest greediest bastards male and female in the world . we have an expression in the corps this just an expression one shot one kill , you could be on the list .”

Sergeant Clark is an ordained Disciples of Christ church minster and a former psychologist for the State of New Mexico, a writer, a producer, a director, and a cable television engineer.  His hobbies are fishing, chess, electronics, and eclectic reading.

I have no idea how this-all is going to become revolution.  Perhaps it will sort itself out with time.


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