Occupy LA 10/27 notes

Published online 28 October 2011.

3:42  I’ve been here for more than an hour and I still don’t know what’s going on.  One of my friends is preparing for police invasion; the other is getting certified (somewhere else) to serve food.  There is apparently an agent provocateur in the audience at today’s constant rant on the south side; all I get to see is a big crowd chanting “We are the 99%!”  The welcome tent doesn’t have much in the way of events — there is a noon bus for Long Beach and a 4pm event of some sort.

4pm I have finally identified someone from Resources at Teri’s table.  The Welcome Table is now on the south side, and so is the food tent.  Apparently any operation that was going to happen across the street has been shut down; someone (prob. from the city, or from the LAPD) has been sent to weld the opening in the fence shut.  Teri has been here for 24 days, and claims she’s being attacked.  She’s trying to bring Power 106 in touch with Occupy LA.  A good number of those who are here are smoking, either tobacco or weed.  4:20 some Ron Paul advocate is ranting on the south side mic about “capitalism good, corporatism bad.”

5pm I talked briefly with Clay Claiborne, who appears somewhat pessimistic about the Occupy movement.  He seemed to think that the campsites were out of control, and that there were sanitary problems here and at Oakland and San Francisco.  He told me that yesterday the Keeping It Real Committee decided it didn’t want to participate in the General Assembly so they moved to the north end and had their own meeting.

The moderation committee discussed the chaos that was last night’s General Assembly, in which the Keeping It Real Committee decided to move to the north end of the block and hold its own “General Assembly.”

Resources: we are still discussing plans for dealing with Occupy LA’s money situation.  One of the newer recruits at Resources suggests that we do what Occupy San Jose has done: take out an IOLTA account with the State Bar, and have it insured, so that if the lawyer in charge of the account jacks the money, the insurance will cover it.

7:50 as I settle in for the general assembly, there appears out of one corner of my eye some people running quite rapidly through the campsite, as if chasing someone.  Apparently there has been a theft situation — someone stole someone else’s cooker.

An announcer tells us she has been in touch with Jim Lafferty of the National Lawyer’s Guild, the guy who will defend us if we are arrested: LAPD has no plans to attack Occupy LA.  Chief says we’ll discuss it together if the City Council decides to evict us.

We are still going through announcements.  November 5th is Bank Transfer Day

March Saturday early 13200 Bloomfield Norwalk to defend a Youth Authority facility that has supposedly been good at teaching young people how to read.

Occupy LA will have a movable garden next Thursday.  It will be installed from 10 to 3, and it will need twelve volunteers to install.

There will be a Green Festival this weekend.  It’s going to be at the LA Convention Center — Occupy LA will I think be having a presence there.

Sunday there will be a full day encampment in front of Twin Towers in support of hunger strikers.

Adbusters was organizing a march for a “Robin Hood” tax — this announcement I did not quite hear.

At this point I needed to leave Occupy LA.  I wish those who need food and sleep the best of luck in their struggle to occupy.

Concluding reflection: I have the distinct feeling that I will be completely left in the dark if I continue to come into Occupy LA late.  Neither Jennifer nor Taylor were there, and I had the distinct feeling that they were involved in something more exciting than I saw today.  At any rate the General Assembly today, unlike that of yesterday, was civilized.


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