A brief summary of Saturday’s doings 10/29 Occupy LA

Published online 30 October 2011.

This wasn’t a day in which I was taking notes every few minutes.  There wasn’t a lot going on, and I suspect that some of the attention that would otherwise be focused on Occupy LA was drawn off by the Green Festival at the Convention Center.  Moreover, there was supposed to be a “Robin Hood” protest as suggested by Adbusters, but according the rumors I heard, the whole affair fell apart for some reason.

There was a very productive Action Committee meeting at 4pm, in which they planned a march and rally against the banks on November 5th, and a nurses’ action on the 3rd.  The 2nd, Wednesday, was also going to be a time for solidarity actions with Oakland, which was planning a general strike.  The meeting was also pervaded by a general sense that a confrontation with the Los Angeles City Council (as regards the occupation of city hall) was forthcoming.  An organizing meeting was planned for 3pm Sunday (today); I was too busy to attend.  Did anyone here go to any of Sunday’s events?  Would you be willing to report?

There was also a productive meeting with the Resources Committee, which was what Finance is now.  The assembled participants debated long and hard before achieving consensus on a proposal to move Occupy LA’s money from the four secret individual bank accounts in which it was currently located, to a safe deposit box with a credit union, effective ASAP.  This was viewed by Resources as a stopgap measure to reduce liability problems (but not by much) while it explored more lasting financial options for Occupy LA.

I heard one thing, though, that really encapsulated my experience at Occupy LA that day.  “If any group is going to take over Occupy LA, it’s going to be the Rainbow Family.”  A lot of experience fell into place for me upon hearing that.  The smell of marijuana smoke, of tobacco smoke, the sound of drum circles, the tents, the impromptu food arrangements.  Now, I have a lot of respect for the ethos of the Rainbow Family, and for its creative achievements.  But I do not think it would be a good move for Occupy LA to be a Rainbow Family thing.  The Occupy movement needs to be a broad-based protest, for people of a wide variety of persuasions.

Well, that’s all for this entry.  More productive days lie ahead!


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