Classic diaries from (3)

This is the archive for diaries published during the three months which contained my experience with Occupy Los Angeles — October, November, and December of 2011.  Diaries after July 1, 2015. can be found here, diaries between January of 2012 and June 30, 3015 can be found here, and earlier diaries can be found here.

(2011) Toward a better discussion about political economy

(2011) A short night with Occupy LA

(2011) Postcapitalism summarized.

(2011) An Occupy Proposal for a Global People’s Collective University

(2011) A visit to Los Angeles 12/3/11

(2011) Occupy LA 11/25 observations

(2011) Some questions for the reformist Occupiers

(2011) Occupy LA reflections, November 17th 2011

(2011) Why postcapitalism?

(2011) Reflections on my 11/5 visit to Occupy LA

(2011) A revolution for hope

(2011) Brief summary Nov. 1 Occupy LA

(2011) A brief summary of Saturday’s doings 10/29 Occupy LA

(2011) Occupy LA 10/27 notes

(2011) A short thought on love and on the Occupy movement

(2011)  Occupy LA 10/25/11 notes

(2011) Occupy LA reflections 10/22/11

(2011) Reflections on Occupy LA October 20th

(2011) Tuesday 10/18 Occupy LA notes

(2011) Saturday 10/15 at Occupy LA

(2011) Occupy LA 10/13/11 observations

(2011) Day 7 Occupy LA reflections

(2011) Day 6 Occupy LA observations

(2011) A short Wednesday rant about mainstream politics

(2011) Short photo diary of Occupy LA 10/1/11

(2011) Some thoughts from Occupy LA


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