A short night 12/21 with Occupy LA

Published online 22 December 2011.

OK, this is going to be a short diary.  December has other things than Occupy for me to do, and there is now an Occupy Claremont, albeit small, for me to support.  General assembly for Occupy Claremont is on Sundays at 2pm.  There will be a general assembly in Claremont on Christmas.

I arrived at the proceedings for the Resources Committee about 6:40pm at the plaza surrounding the Starbucks at 1st and Central.  The Resources Committee was working on a proposal, eventually to go through the Facilitation Committee and the general assembly, to require those receiving money in the name of Occupy LA to (at least) get the general assembly’s approval for their plans for the money.  The application for the unincorporated association has been submitted but no word has yet been received about its approval — this (one participant told us) could take up to four days.

There was also an appeal to the Resources Committee for funding for Occupy the Rose Parade.  There will be a general invitation to all Occupies to participate — please bring your banners and prepare to camp and march!

General assemblies for Occupy LA are still held on the west steps of City Hall, although the Occupiers have decided to skip Tuesday and Thursday meetings there for now.  Eventually more than 100 people were in attendance (yeah, I know they’re not in the picture), and the meeting was initially concerned with proposals regarding two events.  First, there was a proposal that Occupy LA stand in solidarity with a picket and demo at Long Beach Memorial Hospital that should (at the time of this writing) begin in a couple of hours.

Next, there was a “discussion group” invitation for a larger general strike action planned for May 1 of next year.  It’s clear that, for Occupy Los Angeles to hold a general strike, there will have to be a monumental outreach effort, throughout all of the unions, churches, and other associations of the working class, if a one-day general strike is to be effective.  Clearly, moreover, Occupy LA will have to hold its own events for that date, and (it was suggested) these events may have to provide further incentives for mass participation.  It would be nice if we could do outreach at public schools, especially those where the college acceptance rates were low.  (There will no doubt also be participation from college students, many of whom will be saddled with great student loan debts for degrees of dubious monetary value.)  There was, moreover, a discussion of how health care workers could participate in a general strike, given that health care workers will need to provide urgently needed care for patients on that day.

There were a number of smaller proposals at the general assembly, some of which were concerned with potlucks on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, protests at the Mayor’s Office, dealing with petty arrests of Occupiers with ridiculously high bail amounts being set, teleconferencing between the Occupies, and so on.  Please stand in solidarity with your local Occupy as it trudges through winter!


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