Classic diaries from (2)

This diary is a reference diary for classic diaries from Daily Kos, published between January of 2012 and June of 2015.  Classic diaries July 2015 and afterward can be found here.  Classic diaries 2011 and earlier can be found here.  Book reviews can be found here.

(2015) Some words about “healing”

(2015) Climate change conferences sponsored by fossil fuel interests

(2015) The function of criticism

(2015) Bureaucracies out of control

(2015) Economics, like politics: 31 flavors of permanent unreality

(2015) Bill McKibben on Obama and Shell Oil

(2015) A short note on Baltimore and that sort of thing

(2015) The TPP and climate change: two issues at once!

(2015) “Toppling the 1%” and the Need for a Leftist

(2015) About that emerging right-wing divide on climate change

(2015) The critique of relationships

(2015) Feudalism might be a good idea

(2015) Climate change psychology

(2015) Reclaiming the climate debate from political extremes

(2015) “We don’t have time” –against bourgeois “solutions” to climate change

(2015) On movement goals, climate change, and what to do

(2015) Space — the final frontier: a reminiscence of Star Trek

(2015) So who makes the most profit off of American education?

(2015) Dave Brat’s genius observations in Congress about education

(2015) And now a fun Peter R. Orszag article on Scott Walker

(2015) Jonah Goldberg’s fun column about Obama

(2015) On Scott Walker and academic work

(2015) Now be on your best behavior everyone!

(2015) More badmouthing of Democrats: Thomas Frank weighs in again

(2015) Of radicals and mass movements

(2014) Omigod someone on Salon advocated ditching the Democrats!

(2014) Some notes on Eric Alterman’s piece

(2014) On an old Tim Wise piece in Alternet

(2014) Climate change: What they’re putting off saying

(2014) The Democrats’ political suicide?

(2014) A comment on a Jonathan Chait piece

(2014) On Doug Henwood’s piece about Hillary Clinton

(2014) Postcapitalist economic imagination

(2014) Is climate change an existential crisis?

(2014) Hung for a sheep as for a lamb

(2014) Bunker mentalities, security, and time

(2014) Comment: Why Tech Still Hasn’t Solved Education’s Problems

(2014) Will alternative energy save capitalism?

(2014) Promoting an effective discussion: capitalism causes climate change

(2014) Some words about Star Wars

(2014) Capitalism will last forever or maybe not

(2014) Some thoughts on education in light of Vergara v. California

(2014) Clear and magical thinking

(2014) “Rethink Divestment” 5/1/2014 Pomona College

(2014) The “Marxism is coming back” trope

(2014) Meanwhile, in college campuses across America

(2014) The decade of lame excuses: “Catastrophism” and abrupt climate change

(2014) The society of money

(2014) Divestment protest and human “oil spill” at Pitzer College 2/14/14

(2014) Another plea for postcapitalism: Richard Smith in Truthout

(2014) Ruth Marcus on Edward Snowden: point by point

(2013) Another type of proposal for educational reform

(2013) For Honesty

(2013) A point about test scores, human versatility, and climate change

(2013) Will climate change saints save the Earth?

(2013) For some real statistical measurements of climate change mitigation

(2013) Why a “green dictatorship” will not solve the global warming problem

(2013) Can we solve the climate crisis under capitalism?

(2013) And now a financier weighs in on global warming

(2013) And so, under the watchful eyes of the NSA…

(2013) Now it’s the scientists

(2013) Anti-Russell Brand Talking Points

(2013) How there can be two right wings

(2013) Postcapitalism and the “Left”

(2013) Fun piece on war rhetoric in Truthout

(2013) Let’s see some optimism around here, eh?

(2013) What do the Important People think about the (possible) end of capitalism?

(2013) Why I don’t claim to be a progressive

(2013) Conspiracy theories: they’re all in your heads!

(2013) Living like a monk isn’t going to mitigate global warming.

(2012) Imagine a future

(2012) Doha climate talks: what not to expect

(2012) Congratulations unqualifying Obama supporters!

(2012) More therapy for the dismal: Paul Loeb’s piece on political cynicism

(2012) Theme song for the election run-up

(2012) Some thoughts on drones and imperialism

(2012) Education for capitalist discipline: the newest twist

(2012) Two reflections on the state of politics

(2012) Save the planet from global warming — phase out capitalism

(2012) The allure of selling out

(2012) In a sane world —

(2012) On inequality and education

(2012) The source of collective hope

(2012) “We’re doomed.”

(2012) Politics in a conservative age

(2012) About “realistic” politics

(2012) Technology, Fantasy, and Reality: On Graeber’s piece in the Baffler

(2012) Obama and saving capitalism again

(2012) The JOBS Act, the EPA, and corporate conservatism

(2012) What if Barack Obama weren’t a leftist?

(2012) So when does global warming become a priority?

(2012) Keywords for a new era

(2012) Mass psychology explanations of global warming denial

(2012) Freaky Friday: Some reflections on electric guitar

(2012) Defense spending: another piece you may not have noticed

(2012) Global warming: I don’t know if you caught this…

(2012) In defense of anarchism

(2012) On freedom

(2012) The 1%ers and the future











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