9/11/73: in commemoration

Published online 11 September 2015.

Are there going to be no commemorative diaries for today, the 42nd anniversary of the US-aided coup which overthrew Salvador Allende and imposed upon Chile what is now regarded as the “incubator regime” for neoliberal governance?  9/11/73 was the original “Nine-Eleven.”

Jacobin has it right:

The Coup in Chile
How the reasonable men of capitalism orchestrated horror in Chile 42 years ago today.
by Ralph Miliband

Miliband is not the beginner’s course, so if you want a basic refresher as to what the real “Nine-Eleven” was all about, start with Wikipedia:https://en.wikipedia.org/…

Basically the US created the conditions whereby a coup d’etat took place, and the resultant regime was to impoverish the masses and enrich the wealthy through the selective use of the “free market” as a behavioral tool.

If you want a video, type in “September 11, 1973” in your YouTube search engine.  Here’s one:

The coup in Chile was not just another crushing of socialist promise or another US-guided overthrow of a small South American country.  It was the beginning of what historians of capitalism would call the “neoliberal era,” in which prospects for the few would get better while those for the rest of us would get worse.  Here’s the most recent installment.

So there it is.  I’m not good at commemoration — funerals put me out of whack, and at any rate it’s still too hot to think here in California right now.  But the “patriots” who use the 9/11 stuff to justify state terrorism need to be reminded of the real history.  Never forget y’know.


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