Classic diaries from (1)

This diary is a reference diary for classic diaries from Daily Kos, published between July of 2015 and March of 2016.  Classic diaries published between January of 2012 and July of 2015 can be found here.  Classic diaries published before January of 2012 can be found here.  Book reviews can be found here.

(2016) Real critique of the Sanders campaign as opposed to “sellout” criticism

(2016) Must-read in Naked Capitalism: “The Crackpot Realism of Clintonian Politics”

(2016) Real climate change mitigation is harder than you think

(2016) Eleven theses on Sanders

(2016) Commemorative Paul Kantner diary

(2016) Anti-Sanders rhetoric: Sanders’ campaign is “fiction-filled”

(2016) A call to the political revolution

(2015) reality check diary

(2015) Anti-Sanders rhetoric: a short thought on whether or not “the Republicans would rather face Bernie”

(2015) Farm report: winter planting

(2015) Postcapitalism is likely to start from grim beginnings

(2015) Infinite growth with a finite capitalist system: or, the Progressive Policy Institute is silly

(2015) Dealing with electoral politics

(2015) Anti-Sanders rhetoric: Sanders doesn’t stand a chance!

(2015) Omigod revolution!

(2015) Anti-Sanders rhetoric: Sanders is a loud angry white male (and other delivery issues)

(2015) Anti-Sanders rhetoric: Judging the candidate by his followers

(2015) Anti-Sanders rhetoric: Clinton is more progressive than Sanders

(2105) Anti-Sanders rhetoric: It can’t happen here

(2015) Four reasons to anticipate postcapitalism

(2015) 9/11/73: in commemoration

(2015) The calculating “Bernie can’t win” arguments

(2015) Saving capitalism and maybe the environment too: how will you do it?

(2015) Since I didn’t see this at —

(2015) For a better way than identity politics

(2015) The left-identifying critics of Sanders’ candidacy

(2015) Barney Frank on Why One Shouldn’t Vote for Bernie Sanders: point-by-point

(2015) Against the brain-fog





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